Stralo Services

We manage Stralo as open as possible. This means we release nearly all of its source code under a liberal and commercial-friendly license. We love to work with a community of designers, developers, translators and enthusiasts. We also believe in strong commercial support, training sessions and sponsored development. This proves we truly believe in the project and are giving it all to lead the project full force forward.

Please contact us for pricing on any of the services below.


Stralo is new and exciting. We've been developing it internally at the Republic for over two years so we know all the ins and outs.

Our developers and support team can help you jump-start your project, answer your questions, offer you advise or priority-patch issues.

Sponsored development

As open-source developers, we believe in community-sponsored development. This means to give, but also to give back...

If you feel Stralo misses a key ingredient and you're willing to give back, please consider sponsoring one or more of our developers. We will add the feature to the public code base so Stralo moves forward and everyone benefits!

Custom plug-ins

We designed Stralo so it supports a "pay once, then do-it-yourself" model. Stralo is a collection of plug-ins instead of a large codebase, so it's extremely flexible, versatile and adjustable.

If you want us to develop a custom plug-in or feature, specially tailored to your needs, just ask, it's what we do best!

Training session

Stralo was made with ease-of-use in its DNA. But this doesn't necessarily mean it can't be complex and powerful.

You want a sympathetic getting-started-crash-course? Or you want us to train your dev-team so they can do it themselves? Or maybe you need us to explain a specific use-case? Call us.