Stralo was formally released on September 22, 2017. Please give us some time to get the documentation in order.
In the mean time, if you have urgent questions, get in touch.

Table of contents


tl;dr - What is it and what does it look like?

Linked Data is a set of complex standards and technologies.  Stralo aims to make them simple enough for everyone to handle.

Using an easy and visual drag-and-drop layout system, all complexity is hidden, just like you would expect from a modern website builder.

But Stralo is more than just a web builder. Although it can be used to build a beautiful website, it stores it information in a very particular way so other computers on the Internet (eg. the Google indexer) can read and "understand" it.

So don't let the looks of the "simple web builder"-interface in the video below fool you; there's tons of important stuff happening behind the scenes...

Quick Start

If you're the least like us, you'll want to try Stralo as fast and painlessly as possible. That's why we've made a quick-start script that does exactly that:

sh <(curl -sL

This basically downloads the main script and executes it right away. The script in turn downloads the latest Stralo release together with a default configuration and bootstraps a server instance on your local machine, demonstrating the way Stralo works as fast as possible.

Please follow the instructions in the script for more information.