Software to create websites using Linked Data technology.

We focus on simplicity and multimedia.

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is modular

is open source

We're a small group of Belgian developers who work on Stralo as much and as hard as we can. Our ultimate goal is to help create the semantic web. To convince other developers to do the same, we released the entire Stralo suite as open-source software. This means it's free to use and adapt, even for commercial purposes. 

See our documentation section and our Github project for all information.


As the original creators, we love to help others get the most out of Stralo.

Please contact us if you need help, want to start a project or see a certain feature implemented.

Thank you

Stralo wouldn't exist without the support of several initial partners who helped fund and bootstrap the project.

Thanks for supplying Stralo an open-source license of the YourKit Java Profiler!