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Accurate localisation

Stralo enables visitors to know their own location and guides them through their tour. Provide them with directions, display images or video, play audio, all depending on their position.

100% customizable

Tailor your Stralo solution so it seamlessly integrates with your existing brand. Create a total brand experience in your buildings. With Stralo you can combine elements till they perfectly fit yours needs. And those of your visitors.

Connect to the world

Visitors no longer have to wait until they get home to tell their peers about their visit. With Stralo they can connect to their favorite social networks or send out emails to the people they know on the spot.

Powerful CMS

Our powerful CMS makes it child's play for you to manage your content. You can add new text, images, audio or video with the greatest ease from anywhere in the world. Assign the content to a certain location in just a few clicks.


Analyse your floor plan setup and improve it based on data automatically collected from each visitor. Stralo monitors how long people stay within the vicinity of the hotspots. This is crucial information.

Easy to use

Your visitors don't need to be technology wizards to use a Stralo tablet. The content on the tablet is just a swipe away.